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PBS News Hour:
With Salman Rushdie, 20th Anniversary Gala of City of Aslylum, Pittsburgh:
With Edwidge Danticat, Richard Franco, Fernand Amandi, Mitchell Kaplan:
Fiction/Nonfiction Podcast:
With Mamta Chaudry: 


Lannan Foundation: Russell Banks with Stona Fitch in conversation (2013) [audio] 


New York Times: Russell Banks: By the Book (2013)


Harper's Magazine: A Conversation With Russell Banks (2012) Harper's Magazine: A Conversation With Russell Banks (2012) 


KCRW Bookwork: Russell Banks: Lost Memory of Skin (2011) [audio]



Ingersoll Lecture, Harvard Divinity School:
Interview with Kerenn Elkaim:
PBS Interview: https://youtube/riJit954pNs
Paris Review: Russell Banks, The Art of Fiction No. 152 (1998)
Writerscast: David Wilk interviews Russell Banks about Lillabulero magazine (2018)
Weekend Edition Saturday: From Alaska To The Himalayas, 'Voyager' Embarks On Self-Discovery (2016) [audio]

Fiction Writers Review: Finding the Authenticating Narrator (2013)


Leonard Lopate Show: Russell Banks on A Permanent Member of the Family (2013) [audio]

This American Life:  short story Thought That Counts (2013) [audio]

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